Credit Card Processing

SimpleSwipe: Why it Should Be Included with Every Merchant Account

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If you are looking for a simple way to save cards on file and customer data, then SimpleSwipe is a great solution that might make sense for your payment processing system. This technology is designed with the goal of speeding up the checkout process for one-time payments, as well as scheduled payments and recurring payments.

Credit Card Processing Tips to Prepare for the Upcoming Holiday Season

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Thanksgiving and Christmas are over two months away. But, right now is the time that you need to start preparing to ensure that you are ready to maximize your sales during the upcoming holiday season. Consumers are starting their holiday shopping earlier than ever. Will you be ready when the sales start increasing during the

Deciphering Common Acronyms in the Payment Processing Industry

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Do you feel like you need to learn a new language to understand the various terms that are discussed in the payment processing industry? If you don’t know much about payment processing, then it can be confusing to sort through the information. Even though credit card processing can be complex, you can find a good

What to Expect: Merchant Services and Credit Card Fees

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When you accept credit card payments from your customers, there is no way to avoid credit card processing fees. But, these costs are worth the expense because of the increase in sales volume that is available. It is estimated that around 80% of shoppers in the United States prefer using a credit card over cash.

How to Avoid Losing Money on Credit Card Transactions

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As a business owner, do you cringe every time you process a credit card payment because you are worried about the fees that you will pay for the transaction? These fees are unavoidable, but it doesn’t mean that you need to cut into your profit margins to manage the high fees that are coming through.

Debit vs. Credit Card Processing: What is the Difference?

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Even though debit and credit cards look similar and they are often used in the same way for purchases, some important differences need to be noted. Too often, customers and business owners consider these cards to be the same thing. But, when it comes to payment processing, they are two separate types of transactions. The

Why Credit Card Processing is an Investment for Your Business

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Are you worried about how the cost of credit card processing could impact your overhead expenses? Many business owners view this cost as a bill, but the truth is that it is an investment for your company. Customers often prefer to pay with credit cards, which means that you need to be ready to accept

Why We Decided to Rebrand as VeriPay

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When our company was founded, we had the basic goal of making it cheaper and easier than ever for business owners to process credit card payments. Over the years, the technology has changed, and our service has adjusted to match the growing needs in the industry. We know that technology plays a major role in

Simple Steps to Ensure PCI Compliance

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Is your company following all of the right steps to maintain PCI compliance? It often feels like there are never-ending compliance details that need to be met for all aspects of your business. But, it is important that you put the systems in place to avoid problems in the future. Here are a few easy